[Can you eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes]

[Can you eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes]

Women’s diet during confinement should pay special attention, otherwise it will have a great impact on future recovery, mainly the normal recovery of the uterus, but there are some foods that cannot be eaten. Let ‘s talk about it below.

1. Do not eat whole eggs for hours after delivery.

Despite the habit of eating eggs and milking these years, medical research has shown that it is best for a woman not to eat whole eggs for a few hours after giving birth.

Because during labor, the mother consumes too much physical energy, sweats a lot, lacks body fluids, and her digestive ability will decrease.

If you eat eggs immediately after childbirth, it will be difficult to digest, which will increase the burden of dialysis.

Therefore, within a few hours after delivery, you should eat semi-liquid or liquid food.

2. Drink vegetable soup after giving birth.

Many mothers drink whole soup to lactate immediately after giving birth, which leads to the insertion of breast ducts, which increases breast tenderness and is not conducive to breastfeeding.

Postpartum tonic is based on physical conditions. Most mothers are not deficient in nutrition. It is best to drink some light vegetable soup first, and then drink the whole soup after 5 days.

Recommendation: Original vegetable soup.

The type of vegetables is mainly roots, flowers, and fruits without any seasonings, and the soup is delicious. It can be used as tea. It has an excellent milk effect on the day after delivery (the day after cesarean delivery).

Ingredients: soybean sprouts, broccoli, green pepper (green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper puree), purple cabbage, loofah, edamame, zucchini, you can choose more than 4 kinds each time.