[How to make potato flour crust]_how to do_how to do

[How to make potato flour crust]_how to do_how to do

In our life, many people like to eat potatoes, and most people know that starch is made from potatoes. In fact, potatoes can also be made into noodles, and the noodles made from potatoes are very delicious.Yes, there are many ways to eat noodles. It can be added when cooking, and it is also an option to eat cold. So what is the method of making potato noodles?

Potato flour crusty food made from legumes or potato starch.

The product is round or square sheet.

There are two types of dry and wet: wet potato flour skins are stored for sale; dried potato flour skins can be stored for sale.

Potato flour crust has a long history and a long history.

With its superb level of traditional craftsmanship, it produces outstanding and bright, uniform and thin skin, which is good enough, pulls enough, and is soft and refreshing. It has long been popular with consumers.

Using high-quality taro as raw materials, we have produced high-quality specialty noodles that are more suitable for modern consumer groups.

The vermicelli is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other minerals and vitamin C, vitamin A and trace elements required by the human body. It has a smooth taste and is suitable for all ages.efficacy.

Production method After cutting the potato flour skin into pieces, you can directly mix it as a snack or cold dish, such as “cucumber potato skin”, “chicken skin peel”, etc.Hot potatoes such as potato noodles, soup rolls, and monkey caps; fried dishes can be made with “pulled potato noodles”, “ham and egg potato noodles” and other dishes.

For the same product, we are better than the price; for the same price, we are better than the quality; for the same quality, we are better than the service;


Add a small amount of salt to the flour and make into a dough, cover with a damp cloth and wake up for about 30 minutes 2.

Put the obtained dough in a large container, add an appropriate amount of water, start washing the gluten, knead the dough in the water constantly, and when the water in the container is thick, filter it into another container with a strainer 3.

Repeat the process again and again until the water is no longer turbid. The remaining yellow pieces of gluten will be gluten. Add some baking powder to the gluten and grab it evenly. Put it on the steam drawer and steam for 20 minutes.